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15th July - Skeleton EP - The Good Natured

I had my first encounter with electro-pop trio The Good Natured back in February in a very literal sense when we were asked to support them in Exeter.

Having never heard of them before, I listened to 'Your Body Is A Machine,' the first song of theirs I could find, and was blown away.

For me it was a fresh new spin on the kind of music we've been getting used to hearing everywhere over the past few years, striking a brilliant balance between familiar and original. Needless to say, after a few listens I had become extremely excited for our gig, as had the rest of my house, to the point where at one point I left 'Your Body Is A Machine' playing in my room to go the kitchen, only to hear 'Be My Animal' blasting from the top floor. I won't go into much detail about the gig, but suffice to say we weren't disappointed and a good time was had by all.

Moving on a few months, June saw the release of their latest EP, Skeleton, and again it didn't disappoint (of course, two of its three tracks had already been out for a while so this would have been a difficult feat to achieve, but that's not the point). The title track is almost certainly their best song so far, with an upbeat vibe and an absolutely superb chorus. It's worth buying the EP just for this one song; in fact it would be worth buying a whole album for it. It's just that good.

'Wolves' is a little weak by comparison, but is another good song nonetheless. I hate to admit that the first time I heard it I didn't like it at all and thought it was quite average and bland, although my girlfriend informed me at the time that I was wrong, an idiot and that my opinion was of no value whatsoever (or something to that effect). However, since then the song has grown on me considerably. It's definitely not as good as 'Skeleton', but it has quite a cool, dark feel to it and another great chorus that carries the rest of the song through.

'The Hourglass' may also not be quite as good as 'Skeleton', but even so I've all but fallen in love with it. For want of a less feminine word, it's really... pretty, even with its slight melancholic edge. It's set at a slow, chilled pace but is packed full of intensity, even more so than the other songs on the EP. The vocals ride over an oriental-sounding verse before soaring over yet another awesome chorus. It's lovely, captures your imagination, and it's one of those songs I know I'm going to be listening to for a long time to come.

Throughout the EP, the vocals are magnificent and the instruments are interesting and varied. It adds three more great songs to The Good Natured's catalogue, and is the perfect excuse to get into them (as if you didn't have enough already).